100 free hookup site

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100 free hookup site

For our demonstration, we’re going to leave all the boards unmounted.

Next, solder the leads between the 8-pack and the four 90L boards. We suggest color coding your wires for power (red), ground (black), clock and data (your call on those).

Additionally, LEDs on each board are labeled with numbers indicating their position in the sequence to help you design code more easily.

As mentioned earlier, each APA102C is capable of drawing close to 60m A when it’s fully on.

These castellations are becoming popular with integrated Wi Fi and Bluetooth modules.

There are also solder jumpers on the CO and DO (clock out and data out) of these 3 boards.

Mounting the boards to a solid backing is recommended, but they should still hold together fairly well if you’re making something like a Christmas ornament or the like.

The data interface is basically an SPI-like, with the exception that there is no data available coming back from the LEDs (no MISO line).

Trace widths for 5V and ground have been maximized for better current through-put for long led chains.

But if you’ve got a bigger project in mind, check out the Mean Well 5V/20A supply. A soldering iron, some solder, wire and a wire stripper should do. This tutorial will go over how to install an Arduino library using the Arduino Library Manager.

Maybe also some tweezers if you’re not comfy with having your fingers close to the tip of a soldering iron. For libraries not linked with the Arduino IDE, we will also go over manually installing an Arduino library.

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The APA102C addressable LEDs on the Lumenati boards operate natively with 5V logic, so it will save you trouble to choose a controller that can give you 0-5V, but it can be made to work with 3.3V logic with the use of a level translator.

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