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We'd like to hear from readers who have information or stories about IDP scams. Obviously you want an Ontario Licence and for some reason cant go in and get one without waiting the required 18 months to become a full driver. Easiest way for you is to Just head over to North Dakota and Get yourself a Licence there.then come back to Ontario and hand that in for a Full Ontario.There was a guy on here answering questions on arjs behalf claming arjs was 100% legit but I guess it was probably was arjs himself...either way I know I would finally like to hear the truth about this whole situation. Cant say to much on here but i do wanna help people that were in the same prediciment as i was.Wendy did say on the cert, there is a heat spot like the original one. I absolutely have no idea wether the emails are fake or not :/ HI I LIVE IN USA IN CALIFORNIA CAN ANYONE MAKE ME A REAL DRIVER LICENSE FROM CALIFORNIA USA PLEASE AND HOW MUCH NO PROBLEM FOR THE MONEY I HAVE MY SAVINGS SO PLEASE IS URGENT THANK U MY EMAIL ADRESSS IS [email protected] IS URGENT THANK U The more I read of the rants on this forum the more puzzled I am that people can be so ignorant.There are loopholes and workarounds, but they work for only a few.That is a perfectly legal way for you to do what you want to do. I'm Italian nd my wife is Chinese; we live in China.She holds a Chinese driving permit and I would like to know if it is possible for her to get an International one alowing her to drive in Italy. I hope more people follow your lead and share info like this to protect us from these kinds of low life scum.

Get more facts about the International Driving Permit and check our list of information by country. You don't like the graduated license program in Ontario? You are trying to get One under a fake name and don't want to wait the 18 months. You've been in Prison and were not able to get a Licence when you were 16. I can tell you how to get around either 1 or 2 but this means that the name you are trying to get a license in could never have applied for an Ontario Licence in at least the last 3 years.No-one would know if it is his or someone else's id? i do not want my pic and name,etc for the whole world to see.It could even be a real one, sounds like a silly idea to prove if the supplier is legit or not? it is identical to the uk licence in every way as far as i can see, all uv and holo's are great. it is not my job to advertise for the man, i am just a customer! They have done well out of me and should have no reason to be pissed off. Let me know when you get the product, or your money back.Not only will they catch the Departmant of Homeland Security's attention they will definitely catch the attention of local bouncers and police and angry parents of college students staggering back to their dormitories. I needed another one for a friend of a friend ( no names ) and I just emailed the contact I had and she got back to me. I am not sure what all this sending money overseas thing is I read here, I paid for mine in the Uk.john the answer is yes not only can the police actually see a copy of your licence photo for anyone using someone elses name for a stop check when that person has been stopped or arrested before the record tattoos eye colour left or rigt haned and any features that stand out and before they stop you they know the registered keeper of the car insurance even down to who is allowed or named on the policy and tax and mot just for good measure they know if anyone associated with the car keepr is banned or wanted big brother is bigger than you know I'm a permanent resident / citizen of Denmark.

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anyone who knows how to make NZ Drivers license or anything i could use too get into clubs here or knows someone who could make me one , email me please; [email protected] have no photo ID anymore ): in desperate need lol Hey becky, steven got my cali license it scanned and everything. [email protected] becky so i emailed the guy about the californian license from the dmv and well i sent in my info and i guess i will report back with in the week.