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I’m not really sure about this, and admit it’s a point against this theory. Every vacation they take ends out picture-perfect and creates memories that last a lifetime; every date they go on leads to passionate soul-burning love that never ends badly.I can only appeal to the math class example again – if there was a math class where I just had no confidence about anything I thought or said, I would probably be pretty sure I’d fail there too. Every company they found becomes a multibillion-dollar success. And imagine your job is to advise this entrepreneur.And what’s the closest analog to depressive psychomotor retardation? Motivationally – well, I’m less certain, I still haven’t found a good predictive processing account of motivation I understand on an intuitive level.But if we draw the analogy to perceptual control theory, some motivations (like hunger) are probably a kind of “intrinsic error” that can be modeled as higher-level processes feeding reference points to lower-level control systems.

The overall thesis is something like “Predictive processing says high-level beliefs shape our low-level perceptions and actions, so maybe depressed people have some high-level depressing beliefs.” Don’t get me wrong, CBT orthodoxy is great and has cured millions of patients – but in the end, this is just CBT orthodoxy with a neat new coat of Bayesian paint.

The predictive processing model offers compelling accounts of autism and schizophrenia.

But Surfing Uncertainty and related sources I’ve read are pretty quiet about depression. Chekroud (2015) has a paper trying to apply the model to depression.

If we imagine the processes predicting eg hunger, then predicting with low confidence sure sounds like the sort of thing where you should be less hungry.

If they’re predicting “you should get out of bed”, then predicting that with low confidence sure sounds like the sort of thing where you don’t feel a lot of motivation to get out of bed.

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After all, then it can predict its sense-data pretty much perfectly – it’ll always just stay “darkened room”.