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Adult chat not resist

Over the next six months i pretty much came and went as i liked and Fiona was happy as long as i handed over my board each month of £150 quid.

Also in that time I realised what a bastard Alan was.

Here was Fiona in her sexual prime and not sexually active in the last three years since she was thirty four.

I started to hang around the house a little more instead of just going out to the pub every night myself just so that I could spend a little more time in Fiona's company.

She passed my door eight times whilst getting dressed that morning which was three times more than normal and each time she stopped and had a good look in.

it was on the sixth occasion that I knew that her curiosity was getting the better of her as I heard a floorboard creak as she stepped further in to my room to get a better look.

Getting a glimpse of her in a short towel wrapped around her big boobs became the norm but as the weeks wore on with me leaving my door open I noticed a subtle change in Fiona's behaviour too.

In her bedside cabinet under a few books I found her toy a big rampant rabbit still sporting a pubic hair stuck to the shaft from its last workout in Fiona's pussy.

It was a little crowded in the house at first but when my girlfriend was offered a placement abroad with work it was too good for her to turn down so she left only two months after I'd moved in.

Fiona was very good to me from the outset and agreed I could stay as she knew I couldn't go back home.

"I don't know how you dare call me a whore Maybe if you hadn't fucked around so much you wouldn't be so fucking paranoid," she then carried on her outburst as she came down the stairs, "That's probably why you haven't fucked me for three years." "Sorry about that," Fiona apologised as she burst through the hallway door.

It was from that point onwards that I started to look at my mother in law differently.

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I'd recently had a shift change at work which meant I was starting later now and I was always at home whilst Fiona got ready; she was the manager at a big company in the nearest town and would normally be up around seven before leaving in her business clothes at around eight.

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