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Adult chat room on ps

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he could ask other questions later; eventually he might have info to retrieve an account by saying he forgot my password or something.

If you respond atypically to what the "question" expects then you will get a response that doesn't make sense. So I think it's less that phishing only works on a certain generation so much as it works on every generation. I'm not an expert on the subject, but he starts with asking my age...

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Because if you're 13, you're not looking to befriend a 40-year-old. Unless you're a pedophile, and then you STILL want to know their age. These are normal questions you ask to get to know someone, which is fine, but the problem begins with the frequency at which these kinds of more personal questions are asked. So, like some people have already pointed out it might be a social engineering attempt instead of phishing, but it's definitely a bot either way.