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“You have to have something that resonates with the senior as well as the caregiver who is writing the check.”Helgesen, for instance, thought at first that she was “a little young” to need a houseful of gadgets tracking her daily routine.

She even got rid of the sensor in her favorite living-room chair soon after it was installed because she didn’t think it was needed.

This is an educational aquarium as well as a fun event for all!!!

My family and I spent a good part of the day learning and observing many creatures of the sea and of the land.

“But they may be nervous about that.”To put older consumers at ease, Best Buy is using a specially trained sales team to advise them and their caregivers on what to purchase, while installation is handled by its Geek Squad tech-support crew.

One early lesson, says AJ Mc Dougall, the general manager in charge of the program: “We have lots of dementia cases, so they got specific training for that.”“Best Buy’s staff needs to have some inkling about who these people are,” says Jody Holtzman, senior vice president for market innovation at the AARP.

“I wish I had that smart doorbell working then,” she sighs.

Best Buy Co., better known for hawking TVs and computers than for selling geriatric-care products, is wiring it all together.and EBay Inc., erred by ramping up too quickly and selling directly to consumers, rather than through established industry partners, according to Laurie Orlov, founder of industry researcher Aging in Place Technology Watch.The company fizzled and was quietly acquired last year by United Health Group Inc., which layers the personal touch of wellness coaching from trained dietitians and exercise physiologists on top of the smart-home network for a month.“This market has been held back because there is a lack of consumer brands in this space,” Inns says.That could change as more companies begin targeting customers like Helgesen, who broke her toe just weeks before she got the smart-home setup.

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That price includes installation, plus a data-collecting base station, but the rest of the hardware is sold separately and typically costs a few hundred dollars per home.