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What happens when the kids begin to exhibit strange behaviors— behaviors off even for them.

Suspicions are on high alert, making anyone and everyone a threat.

Kids their age cannot be trusted.""You're wrong." Travis said, standing up. The System turned a fourteen-year-old girl into a super being. Which is by the way an interesting name." asked another man from across the table."The A. which is friendly, named Delta or code named Mister Puck, locked Xervix to a specific region, and only Aelita Schaffer or Jeremy Belpois can release it.

Imagine what it could do in the hands of the wrong people...""What of this A. I and the last remaining Titan, Aether, were sent back to the supercomputer. As for Aether, he is still on the loose inside the computer." George said."Frankly sir," Travis butted in, "I believe our best defense against Xervix until a way to destroy it is found is for those kids to continue keeping it locked up.

So what now, however, does this sudden change in behavior happen and why?He then looked back down at the dossier concerning the Las Vegas incident."Gentlemen... "Travis swallowed deeply and looked towards George.The director's tone didn't sound good at all."I know it seems like something out of Hollywood movie or a cartoon sir, but you must understand.The room suddenly fell silent as everyone gathered looked at the two agents."Special Agent Dalesman and Knight, sir." George introduced them, addressing the director of the FBI, Robert Muller, who sat right in front of him.The director looked up and motioned for the two agents to be seated on the opposite side of the table. "A hidden terrorist organization, an inter-dimensional artifact, Area 51, an A. obsessed with world domination and a group of teenage superheroes?

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They both had their usual FBI badges on them and their usual fancy dress business suits.

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