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Akanishi dating

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After they received the bento, they both returned to the SUV, where they drove for a while before arriving at the underground parking lot of an apartment complex.

It is at this apartment complex that both [alleged] ex-girlfriend Aragaki Yui and Nishikido are living in, although in separate rooms [allegedly].

Shochikubai Miroku (Jin Akanishi) is the son of a police commissioner (father) and also a traveller (mother). Bido Granmarie (Junnosuke Taguchi) is the son of a Swedish ambassador. Granmarie can't see himself going steady because he thinks the world can't handle it.

Miroku has lots of connections and is a very good fighter. Kikumasamune Seishiro (Yu Yokoyama) is the rich son of a large hospital. Kenbishi Yuri (Minami) is the rich daughter of a world-renowned president of the Kenbishi Business. She's also a good fighter, but can never beat Seishiro.

Then, the stone cold drunk Nishikido reacted to the couple’s pointing saying, “You gotta problem?! The couple accepted the challenge without backing down.

It seems that work brought them closer together last fall, and Sports Nippon claims that their friendship turned into romance at the start of this year.Hakushika Noriko ([[Yu Kashii]) is the daughter of a famous japanese painter (father) and her mother is from a tradition tea ceremony family.Her only hate is men and can get very violent when they touch her.Since the alleged drama that occurred with Yamapi, Nishikido Ryo and Akanshi Jin involving a fan’s cellphone, the two have made into the headlines again.Reportedly, Nishikido is now dating a beautiful model-like woman and Yamapi may be arrested.

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