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However, a search of his home uncovered Swiss, English and Belgian coins, as well as an American Express card made out to Emile Bergaud. A horde of evidence While Bernard’s story fell within the realm of possibility, he was unable to come up with a comparable yarn to account for the horde of evidence in his barn. Bergaud’s jewellery and the key to the Bergauds’s apartment.

They also uncovered Christiane Pesquet’s driver’s license and an identification card belonging to Henri Francqui. When the diggers discontinued their efforts, he broke into a wide grin.

Bernard was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Served 21 years Twenty-one years later, Bernard was released from prison.

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Two months later, while police were looking for Francqui or his body, another tragedy took place.

She wanted money so that she could take off with her lover. Unfortunately for Bernard, both victims had been shot in the back. 8, 1982, Bernard Pesquet was found guilty of five counts of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Bernard was even a valued member of the local chamber of commerce.

In 1968, he met and wed attractive Christiane Ruaux.

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You see, Bernard had the undersized body of a jockey.

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