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That's probably because the most popular explanation of what #gamergate supporters want has nothing to do with reforming the business of games writing.It's this: They "just want to play games," without complicating things by discussing how those games portray women and minorities, or how the industry treats those same groups.Well—after Gaters hailed Intel's decision as a victory for their letter-writing campaign, "fake gamers—into supporting a misogynist movement."[W]e recognize that our action inadvertently created a perception that we are somehow taking sides in an increasingly bitter debate in the gaming community.

When engaging with these services, users can create highly interactive platforms through which individuals, communities, and organizations can share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content or pre-made content posted online.And then there's the most recent kerfuffle with Intel.Doesn't Intel see that it's throwing in its lot with some pretty gross misogyny and ignorance?Chat logs released soon after the "Five Guys scandal" broke reveal the movement was focused on destroying Zoë Quinn first, reforming games reporting second.Amid discussing the size, shape and smell of Quinn's vagina and what to do with leaked nude photos of her, plotters from various 4chan message boards drop gems like "i couldnt care less about vidya, i just want to see zoe receive her comeuppance."From another conversation: Eventually, (slightly) cooler heads prevailed, and the trolls who would soon form #Gamergate shifted their goal from destroying Zoë Quinn to something ostensibly about journalistic ethics."The more you try to attack her directly, the more she gets to play the victim card and make a bunch of friends who will support her because, since she has a vagina, any attack is misgony []," one of them reasoned. Many #Gamergate participants truly believe that they are fighting an important fight against corruption in game journalism.

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But its most fervent proponents are so desperate to maintain the illusion that they represent an oppressed majority (as if that makes any sense) that they've Vivian James to advance the idea that #notallwomen care about female representation in games. Despite Gamergate's self-contradictory positions, it has managed to get some of what it wanted.