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Billy corgan courtney love dating

Corgan nevertheless trashed the album in the press, saying it "left a bad taste in [his] mouth." But years later, Corgan agreed to work with Love again, this time on her 2010 solo album, .

He later said two songs he'd written, "Samantha" and "How Dirty Girls Get Clean" were included on the album, even though he didn't want them be used.

That kind of celebrity advocacy doesn't go unnoticed, and Corgan wound up on the cover of local pet rescue magazine holding those cats.

(In the accompanying article, Corgan called them his "rock 'n' roll kittens.") CNN anchor Anderson Cooper got a hold of the magazine and poked some light fun at Corgan's cat-loving side on an episode of Anderson Cooper 360, suggesting that Corgan was "off his alternative rocker" and that it was jarring to see rock stars doing "less rock starry things," such as posing with cats.

(Nicole Fiorentino of Veruca Salt stepped in.) Longtime drummer Jimmy Chamberlin sat this one out to focus on his jazz fusion side project, although Corgan claims to have fired him, telling Rolling Stone that Chamberlain was "a destructive human being." (Pot, kettle?

He immediately ran off, and in the post constantly referred to her as he/she or him/her, and even bragged that he found her later on and threatened to "break both his arms and his legs" (the misgendering is all Corgan's) if she didn't stop talking about her night with Corgan. That means the only two members of the band actually heard on was released, Corgan said to Spin Magazine about his bandmates: "I gave them a year and a half to prepare for this record …Corgan prepared to hit the road in 2010 with the "reunited" Smashing Pumpkins for eight months of shows.He had a, let's say difficult time assembling the old lineup. For example, bassist Ginger Pooley opted to stay home and take care of her newborn baby.The new Smashing Pumpkins couldn't even get through its first show without incident.As the concert at Los Angeles's The Viper Room drew to a close, Corgan put down his electric guitar in favor of a ukulele for a solo acoustic set.

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According to Manson, Corgan claimed Mc Gowan "would ruin [his] life and ruin [his] career" if she stayed with her.

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