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I guess I could see Suzie being a worthwhile target for investing if it wasn't for her hubby being such a miser and only spending money on his wants she'd be a millionaire, but hitting up people like Hilary and Nate is just way to close to home even if you are confident of success. Makes his job as Super Cop easy, hang around stupid people his job is so much easier, just picking up poor lil child with a scrapped knew will then warrant superstar status, they dont know any better as they are all as dumb as a box of nails.Yeah I realise there is limited choices for him and they are trying to show him as being at the bottom but I'm not convinced that some one as successful as Paul, someone who was too embarrassed to seek the help of people he lives around when it came to getting a roof over his head, would run straight to someone like Nate for a bit of cash when there would be many other options they could introduce, even temporarily, into the show.Although in later years I think Ch 9 delayed the telecast :| Back to Neighbours – the inevitable happy ending (eventually) for Toadie and Sonya of course.And lols at Mark being right there setting up roadblocks ON HIS OWN just as Paige managed to escape.Link Gotta love the shot of Mucus shaving his head Given his run of bad luck, (which we know he will get out of), maybe he feels he hasn't been lucky lately. Sonya walking into the OR was just ridiculous and poorly written.Still I think it's a stupid pairing, one night stand providing both parties see it like that (it could happen in a soapie : P ) a little more acceptable but the two of them together is like Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop getting it together. Paul's fall from grace was hardly ground breaking especially when Suzie was his saviour as she has been so many times before.I don;t like it because I have a timer record set for FF / Friends and Neighbours and at 6.30 they all converge on each other and conspire against me and I usually miss that bit of Neighbours while stuffing about with the channels.

Trees has been around 2 years now I think that's too long.

Yes Brad it was ALL your fault; if you weren't so eager to tell your little daughter that every move she makes is perfect and awesome and had of actually maybe asked her why Super Cop didn't want her hanging out with this person it may not have happened.

I seriously can't put up with him much longer, my skin crawls and I get a bit of vom come up every time he is on screen :( Can't be dealing with the tacky piece of crud they are calling an engagement ring either – it's not cute, it's not romantic and it's not clever!

Oh Danniboi heads for a new direction and unsurprisingly a new job which it appears he can just walk into because he needs one.

But on the upside apparently we are going to like this new change.

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It goes both ways, try being in Vic on NYE when you just want to be asleep and your inlaws don't understand than midnight in Perth is 3am in Vic and the kids are well and truly in bed asleep. He's only felt his toes, it could still go down hill.