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Historically the social system compelled marriage within a social class.

In a family where all the children were female, sisterly polygynous marriage represented the most common choice.Tibetan inheritance rules gave all males of the family, the right to claim a part of the family estate, so if each son took a different bride, there would be different conjugal families, and this would lead to the partitioning of the land among the different sons' families.To avoid this situation, the solution was a fraternal polyandrous marriage, where the brothers would share a bride.The "mono-marital principle" dictates that for each and every generation, one and only one marriage is permitted collectively among all the male siblings, and the children born out of this marriage are members of the family unit who have full legal rights.The family organization was based on these two patterns to avoid the partitioning of their estates.

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In traditional inheritance rules, only males had rights over the land, but where there were no males to inherit them, the daughters had the right over the corporation’s land.

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