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His association with the outfit didn't run much deeper as he had departed the ranks by 1974.3 The young Springsteen was obsessed with the Beatles.Model-turned-supporting and occasional leading actress Julianne Phillips is best remembered for playing Frankie on the offbeat NBC series Sisters (1991-1996) and for having been married to pop superstar Bruce Springsteen between 19.Phillips first appeared in the made-for-television movie Summer Fantasy (1984).One night after his father was home from one of his regular evenings at the local tavern, he heard them “violently arguing in the kitchen.” He was 9 or 10 and feared for himself and his mother. He went downstairs to the kitchen clutching a baseball bat in his hands. Then I let him have it square between his broad shoulders, a sick thud.” His father turned and just laughed. His father’s troubles affected Springsteen’s ability later to have normal relationships. “My dad would go so far as to explain to me that love songs on the radio were part of a government ploy to get you to marry and pay taxes.” It was young Bruce’s mother who rented his first guitar for him (they couldn’t afford to buy one) after Bruce saw Elvis on Ed Sullivan in 1956.

While Springsteen says Sandy in “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” is a composite of girls he’d known down the Jersey Shore, he is more specific about the girl behind “Rosalita,” which he calls his “musical biography.” When he was a teen, he had a girlfriend whose mother threatened to get a court injunction to keep him away from her daughter.They didn’t get to go to the Playboy Mansion, so why should I? But when they no longer needed him at night, the parenting burden fell more on Patti. ” Of course when he told this to his friends, they demanded, “What the f–k is wrong with you? She told Bruce that morning was when the kids needed him the most. 1 Springsteen's nickname of 'The Boss' was bestowed early in his career when bandmates decided he should be the one to approach club owners after a gig, demanding payment.The title stuck, though Springsteen is said to hate it.

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But he is also a man of hidden depths, far more complex that his hard-toiling image might suggest.

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