Burton live cam chart

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Burton live cam chart

Lots still left to add (30 links) and correct (35 odd).Any suggestions for corrections, new links or site design etc. - Meteociel - Met Eireann (Ireland) - Temperature, dewpoint, weather, mean sea level pressure (mslp) & wind speed from G Mueller » Wunderground - Netweather (hourly METAR) » Plotted chart (hourly) - Meteocenter large version - Millbank pws » Current mslp, wind, temperature & weather charts/data (half -hourly) from XC Weather » Hourly metars more from Skylink Wthr » Current conditions from METARS from IPS Meteostar » Hourly METARS from Orbifly » METARS/TAFS from Allmetsat » Current weather conditions (METARS) from TWO » Current, forecast & historical data from Wolfram Alpha » Current weather from HAMweather » Current & recent data tables & maps from Weather Online » Extreme & (unofficial) record breaking weather around globe derived from METARs from Cool Wx » Current weather top 20 (hourly observations) from Netweather CURRENT DATA RECORDED BY AMATEURS (or try the 'Climate Stations' section of my 'Reference' page) » Current global conditions (Google mapping) (starts centred on Birmingham) from Weather Underground » Current conditions/sky animations from Bloomsky » Current UK / Eire contributing stations from Weather Underground » Current global conditions from NOAA ESRL » Current conditions across NW Europe & beyond from AWEKAS » Independent UK automatic weather stations from Prodata » Table / Map of current conditions mainly South East UK archive data from LGFL » Scottish & UK 'Weather Network' data » Current wind from Weather File » Current conditions split by region from mylocalweather » UK Snow map of crowd sourced #uksnow tweets » Real-time crowdsourced weather from Metwit CURRENT ROAD CONDITIONS/AIR QUALITY DATA » Road weather data - Scottish Trunk Roads (map/list) & winter salt treatment map from Traffic Scotland - Shetland from SI Council - Durham from Durham CCl - Cumbria from CC - Eire from Transport Infrastructure Ireland » Traffic weather alerts - Highways England - Traffic Scot (map/list) - Traffic Wales - Traffic Watch NI (just emergencies) » Tay Bridge weather » Forth Road Bridge weather » UK air quality bulletin from DEFRA » London air quality bulletin from Kings College London » Current air quality from AQICN CURRENT MARINE DATA » Marine Observations from Met O » Offshore buoy data from NDBC » Marine Observations from Oceanweather » Realtime Wave Buoy Data from CEFAS » Semaphore charts (recent conditions) from Meteo Consult » Eire buoy reports from Met Éireann » Irish Marine Obs from Marine Inst » Real-time UK Wave, Tide & Wthr data from Channel Coast Observatory » Real time UK tidal elevation data from National Tidal & Sea Level Facility » Wind obs for 10 Orkney Harbours from Orkney Island Council Marine Services LIGHTNING DATA » Last 3hrs ATD sferics from Met Office » Today & past week ATD lightning for UK & Iceland from Iceland & Met Office » Past hour ATD LIghtning - Netweather » Past 3 hours Satellite & Lightning - Meteox » Last 2hrs sferics from Euclid » Today's 'Zeus' Lightning Data from National Observatory of Athens » Lightning data & archive from » Sferics image & animation from Meteocentre » Current lightning activity from Weather in a Flash » Last 24hrs & latest hour European/African lightning from World Wide Lightning Location (WWLL) Network » Lightning for Gt Britain & N Europe countries from BLits Informations Dienst von Siemens (BLIDS) » Lightning for past 48hrs for UK & past 24hrs for Europe ( archive) & realtime map from Lightning LUNAR / SOLAR / DUST / EARTHQUAKES » Apparent disk of moon (moon phase etc) from US Naval Obs » Aurora Watch - Lancs Univ » Aurora Forecast - NOAA/NWS SWPC » Current Global Geomagnetic Activity - BGS » Sunspots etc - Space Weather » UV Index Graphs - Public Health England » Live photovoltaic generation data for GB from Univ Sheffield » MSG, DEBRA & other atmospheric dust observations from WMO » Real-time seismogram data from British Geological Survey SURFACE WEATHER CHARTS AND DATA » Met Office synoptic analysis chart (6-hourly) from G Mueller same chart from Infomet » Daily 00hrs European synoptic chart from Meteoliguria » British Isles plotted surface chart (hourly) from Meteocentre » 6-hourly Atlantic synoptic chart from US National Weather Service » Temperature & significant weather - surface observations - precip - snow depth ship SST - 2m / max / min temps - 24hr sunshine - 00 / 06 / 12 / 18hrs temp, SLP & significant weather charts from Univ of Cologne » Snow Cover from NOAA NOHRSC » Teleconnections (e.g.I was always going to expand this list to 10 this year, but as I went through the boards, I realized that there are so many good beginner options and to show a good range of quality choices to choose from there really needed to be at least 15.I also tweaked the scoring system this season so that there was less emphasis on shape and stance and more emphasis on versatility.Last season’s list still provided some great options (all of which are in this list) but there weren’t enough of them.The biggest and most important change in this list is the expansion to 15 boards.The addition of versatility as a factor was to reflect the reality that most people buying their first snowboard want a board that can stay with them for at least a couple of years and that doesn’t restrict the type of snowboard that they can get into when at a more intermediate or advanced level.

For past year’s models check out the links below to see if they still have any left. Liverpool Llandudno Holyhead UK & Irish Predictions UK Tide Gauge Network (Near real-time data) Liverpool NRT data Holyhead NRT data Courtesy of the (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory) National Tidal & Sea Level Facility From coast to deep ocean: Visit the National Oceanography Centre Webcam Surf Report Courtesy of West Coast Surf Inshore Shipping Atlantic/ Highseas Storm Courtesy of UK Met Office Frank Singleton's Site Passage Weather Latest diary Diary 2017 Daily Observations, usually updated weekly. Helens) Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Links below courtesy of John Seach website Volcano latest news of eruptions Volcano live cams around the world Dust Choose dust (concentration or load etc.) and time required up to 3 days University of Athens SKIRON Homepage Above courtesy of the University of Athens Investigated dust deposition in Anglesey on .men’s beginner snowboards – and has now been updated for the 2017/18 season and expanded to 15, which was much needed.If you’d like to know more about the changes I made to my beginner snowboard scoring system there’s an explanation at the end of the post. So there you have my top 15 snowboards for beginners for the 2017/18 season.

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