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Johnson argues that men are more likely than women to use this form of violence, but its use by either men or women is rare.

Common Couple Violence is defined by Johnson as an intermittent use of violence against a partner with the intent to control the immediate situation.

Violent Resistance occurs when violence is used against partners who are themselves violent and controlling.

It is most commonly used against a partner who is using intimate terrorism.

Straus (1999) estimated that it was present in less than 1.5% of the violent marital relationships that he studied.Several studies indicate that dating violence is a serious problem in Canada, but it is still difficult to calculate its exact extent.One reason for this is that different researchers use different definitions and questions to measure abusive experiences.Mutual Violent Control identifies violent exchanges in which both partners are violent and controlling.It is the least common type of violence of the four in Johnson’s typology.

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The use of violence is conflict-based and, while it reoccurs, it does not usually escalate to severe violence.

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