Carbon dating and chemistry

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Carbon dating and chemistry

After suitable time gap, the blood from the wound is examined for its radioactivity.If no radioactive isotope is detected, it means that passage of blood is hindered.At the point of crack or leakage, the detector will show high level of radiations.Although the nuclear radiations are quite useful to mankind, yet they are on~ of the major causes of atmospheric pollution.For example, if we wish to determine the age of rock containing U (half life = 4.5 x 109 years), we measure the ratio of the concentrations of U and its end product Pb.

This technique is quite advantageous because:(a) Metal castings can be tested for cracks by putting them in baths of radioactive salts.The castings are then inspected for radioactivity to find out any penetration of salts into cracks.Absence of salt penetration indicates absence of cracks.Radioisotopes have large number of applications in different fields like medicine, engineering, biology, chemistry, archeology, agriculture and industry.Some of the applications of radioactivity have been discussed as follows: AGE OF MINERALS AND ROCKS During the nuclear disintegration, the end product in natural radioactive disintegration series is an isotope of lead.

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Radio isotopes are frequently used as tracers or tagged atoms in may processes in different fields like surgery, medicine, agriculture, industry and chemistry.

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