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Catholic dating questions

We are not bashing the Catholic Church, and we do not hate Catholics.

We simply believe there are some serious doctrinal problems with the Catholic Church that need to be addressed Biblically. What is the Catholic definition of celebrating Holy Eucharist?

Is it true that the bodies of some saints are incorruptible? All of our articles on Catholic topics were written by former Catholics who left the Catholic Church after comparing what the Catholic Church teaches and practices with the Bible, or by individuals with extensive experience with/knowledge of Roman Catholicism. We strongly believe them to accurately represent the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Do the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical books belong in the Bible? You may disagree with our conclusions, but they are the results of years of being Catholic, being taught Catholic doctrine, practicing Catholicism, studying Catholic theology, and conversing with Catholics. Again, our ministry is to answer questions as Biblically as we can. We would much rather answer the genuine questions of people who are seeking for answers than engage in a fruitless discussion with someone whose mind is already made up.

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