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The drainage was completed in the 19th century with the construction of Crossens pumping station.This left a legacy of fine agricultural soil, which continues to be exploited – the primary industry in the area is farming, especially of flowers and vegetables.The area rarely sees substantial snowfall and temperatures rarely fall below –5 °C so it does not have frequent frosts.Banks generally has moderate precipitation, unlike the rest of western UK.It is in the South Ribble parliamentary constituency.According to the 2001 census, the population of Banks was 3,792.The area was isolated to the north and west by the Ribble estuary, to the south by a chain of barren sand hills, to the east by a lake called Martin Mere – which at the time was the largest lake in England covering 3,132 acres (12.67 km The biggest coastal disaster in the area was in 1719 when 5,000 acres of the Ribble estuary, from Crossens to Hesketh Bank and Tarleton were flooded, when the sea banks broke.A total of 47 houses were carried away by the tidal flood.

At this time the area was on the most northern fringe of the ancient division of West Derby and the local area was called meles, meaning sand dunes.Banks Village is the central part of Banks and where most of the shops, both the religious sites and the primary schools are situated. Far Banks is the east side of the village from Smithy Corner to the border with Hundred End and Tarleton.Banks Enclosed Marsh is former marshland in the north which has been reclaimed for agriculture.At local government level, North Meols is administered by West Lancashire Borough Council.North Meols is currently represented by the Conservative John Baldock,, Banks is situated in North West England.

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