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Charlyne yi dating

It has never been revealed where Cuddy went to medical school, but we do know that she finished second in her graduating class at the age of 26 and made Alpha Omega Alpha, an honor society for medical students. Cuddy was married for six days in 1987 in New Jersey, as revealed in the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices and the marriage ended in divorce.

No further information about her brief marriage or about the identity of her husband was given. At the age of 29, she lied about her age (saying she was 31) in order to get a Vice-President position at PPTH.

Therefore, she has been House's boss for at least 13 years, indicating that she was 38 when the show started and is currently 45.

It is mentioned in many parts of the show that she wants a child.

She was the Dean of Medicine and Chief Hospital Administrator of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital from Season 1 to Season 7. She tells House that she lied to Human Resources about her age when she first applied for a vice president of administration job at age twenty-nine, because she thought she would be taken more seriously if she were in her early thirties.

She is a specialist in endocrinology, but when in charge, she had a very limited medical practice due to her administrative duties.

In the Season 5 episode The Social Contract, she claimed to be 38.

Cuddy scrambles to save House and Vogler finally agrees to give him a chance - fire one of his fellows to save money.

At the end of her rope, Cuddy withdraws House’s hospital privileges until he starts making up his clinic duty at the rate of 4 hours per week. Cuddy scores a major coup for the hospital when she lands a major donor for the hospital, Edward Vogler, who pledges 0,000,000 on the condition he be made chairman of the Board of Directors.

Cuddy is more than happy to oblige, but it soon turns out this will not be a picnic.

Lisa Cuddy went to the University of Michigan where she was in the pre-med program and, in addition, audited classes in their medical school.

During this time, she met Gregory House, who was working at the university bookstore during the time he was appealing his expulsion from Johns Hopkins Medical School.

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