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When I say, I initiated it, I mean that since the introduction came from me, I can be reasonably sure that the exchange is sincere.

Of course, I'm still looking for signs that she is just jumping on an opportunity to get something out of me if she knows I'm interested, but, at least I have some control over the exchange.

People who are not receptive to a flirt might not even know it happened.You can find out in plenty of time what their motives are.You might just ask what they're looking for and that alone can be a fun conversation, and you can see if what she says adds up.Here’s the thing, though: Most people aren’t eager to experience direct rejection, so if they want to communicate interest, they might use indirect flirting strategies, strategies that resemble other, non-flirting conversation (teasing, joking, being friendly).Recent research offers new insights into how accurately people detect real flirting behavior (Hall, Xing, and Brooks, 2014). The importance of context during the initiation of romantic communication. (I'm a guy for reference) I have said a number of times, "Nobody flirts with me" and I am told, "you probably don't notice". I, like many people, don't expect to be flirted with and so, I don't look for it and as a result, never learned to recognize it.

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