Chatterbox webcam

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Chatterbox webcam

The CM1 and CM3 are pin compatible so it will work with our RPi Expansion Boards.

The Chatterbox development boards can be used by designers for prototyping or can easily be copied and modified in Geppetto® D2O to create their own custom i. In the last couple of months, we have been getting emails from customers and Geppetto users asking if our Raspberry Pi Expansion boards and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module Connector in Geppetto are compatible with the RPi Compute Module 3.

The Chatterbox design is freely available in Geppetto at Gumstix.

Target applications include smart speakers, smart home and Io T devices, router and gateway devices, sound bars and set-top boxes.

These features accompany the Toradex Colibri i MX7 module, micro SD storage and real-time clock to create a complete home companion platform. MX 7 family of NXP So Cs is an ideal platform for many embedded and Io T applications.

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