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If you’re single and tired of looking for love in Alderaan places, if you’re ready to Terminate your single life, then this is the event for you!

Making their return to Niagara Falls Comic Con is the original Speed Dating!

I’m terrible at taking notes though, so I don’t remember who any of them were. Still, meeting 30 single dudes isn’t a bad way to spend two hours.

The only excruciating part came at the end, when our host held us hostage and made us listen to his celebrity impressions.

American gypsies hold many traditions dear to their heart when it comes to weddings and families. This week Ryan faces a common problem of Sci-Fi speed dating - few girls and "a slew of lonely nerds.

If someone got the Studio Ghibli reference, we'd have something to talk about. Suddenly, I had time to think about why I was there.

And sometimes that three minutes was more like two minutes, and we all complained that it seemed geek love things had randomly started speeding up. That's kinda what I do for a living," one guy said.

Oddly enough, Disney movies were a common theme among the group, which is awesome, because I am well-versed in the old animated films.

Starting weight,current weight Later that year, he emailed the organizers of Stars Wars Celebration V to suggest they try speed dating.

I just have a few pieces of constructive criticism: If you want to date a geek girl, you should probably get used to hearing about this guy.

No love connection for me, but a few of the guys wrote their contact info on my sheet. Leave your dating event war stories in the comments and we’ll all feel less alone.

The host of the show introduced himself and gave us The Talk.

If we felt uncomfortable or unsafe during a date, we were to stretch our arms and arch our back.

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The molten hot asteroid of several women's eye was a man dressed up as Bane, one of Batman's arch enemies. Between cons, Glitch works in the back room of a local Walmart, assembling floor model displays. When perusing the Comic Con schedule and plotting out my attack plan for 19 year old guy dating a 16 year old various panels, I stumbled across the description for something called "Love in the Air. Passion for something you believe in can be a turn on and, sometimes, that can lead to a different kind of passion.

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