Consolidating multiple pdf files

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Consolidating multiple pdf files

The X: drive will only be present when you are running the Darkroom software, By default, the “Photos”folder is set to C: Program Files\Express Digital\Darkroom Pro\Photos. Using Windows Explorer (accessed by opening My Computer), browse to your “Photos” folder.We will refer to this as the “Current Photos folder”. You will notice that there are folders with names that start with a date in the format YEARmonth DATE, i.e. In this particular example, the folder name 20060116 stands for the week of January 16, 2006. Rename each dated folder by appending a letter or text string at the end.if you have a spelling mistake, or slightly different version of the label, it will treat them as separate).

You can also arrange individual pages in or around other documents in the Combine Files dialog box.From here, you can rename, edit, and review the new document as necessary.You can also select the Combine Files or Organize Pages tool in the toolbar to add more pages.To remove unwanted pages, or files, click the file or page preview, then click the trash can icon.Note: Use Shift click to select a series of pages to remove.

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Step 3: On the Data ribbons select Data Tools and then Consolidate.

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