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Council tax benefit backdating rules

The rules for backdating vary depending on age and circumstance: You can claim for a backdated period if: , from the date we receive your request, if you can give good reason why you did not apply sooner.

The good reason must apply over the full period for which you want backdating.

If this is your first claim, your award will usually start from the Monday after we get your form.

Even if you do not have all the supporting evidence we need, submit the form straight away, and send the evidence later.

If you or you partner are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit, and qualify for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (or both), we can backdate your award up to 3 months before the date you made your claim (as long as you were entitled for that period).

If you are over the qualifying age for Pension Credit and you are entitled from a date before you claimed, we will give you your award automatically.

If you are older than state pension credit age, we will automatically backdate your claim for Housing Benefit and local Council Tax Support for up to 3 months, provided that you qualify based on your circumstances at the time.You will not need to make a separate claim for backdating, but we will need to see proof that you were entitled to support for this period.We cannot backdate your claim for more than 3 months, even if you would have qualified for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support if you had applied for it.You can only ask for a backdate of housing benefit and council tax support if there is a reason why you were unable to apply for your benefit and support earlier.If you disagree with the date your claim starts from for any other reason you can appeal against the decision.

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