Critical dating the battle of carchemish

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Critical dating the battle of carchemish

Prophets of this period include Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Nahum, and Habakkuk (see Figure 11.2).

The remaining chapters of 2 Kings provide only a very sketchy account of this critical period in biblical history.

The description of the reforms of Josiah inspired by the “book of the Torah,” especially the elimination of all worship centers except Jerusalem, and the reference to the document as “the book of the law” (compare Deuteronomy , , ) makes its identification with Deuteronomy seem certain.

Deuteronomy is so closely associated with the reforms of Josiah that most authorities today grant that at least the core of the book received its final shape out of that historical context (see RTOT Chapter 5).

Josiah was inspired to make further reforms throughout Judah and the territory to the north that Judah controlled.

She comforted him with the prophecy that he himself would not see the demise of the nation because he had responded appropriately and had repented.

This provided Josiah with the opportunity to reextend the Davidic kingdom northward.

FIGURE 11.1 The Babylonian Empire and Biblical Prophets No longer under Assyrian vassalage, Josiah was free to rid Jerusalem of non-Yahwistic cult installations, which were symbols of foreign domination.

Babylonian power continued to grow until 605 when Nebuchadrezzar decisively established Babylonian supremacy at the battle of Carchemish (see Figure 11.1).

In 587 the Babylonians destroyed Judah and Jerusalem.

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Elayi, ‘‘ Name of Deuteronomy’s Author Found on Seal Ring,’’ in those last days, and according to the mythology of this last great confrontation, good will triumph absolutely over evil.

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