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If you’ve met her parents, it’s time for her to meet yours.

If she is nervous about it, that’s a good time to use the mini flyby to help her settle down.

Whatever it might be, they are always dying to know any little detail about your life, since you never tell them anything.

Bring your new gal by for a brief meet and greet, even if your relationship is not yet “official.” Your parents will see your great taste in women and have a moment of incredible joy at your thoughtfulness.

Even chance encounters such as these can lead to massive family drama, so take the bull by the horns and set up a lunch date with your parents sooner rather than later.

The same can be said if you introduce your girlfriend to your sister over cocktails and tapas.

Just remember to be sure that your partner is comfortable with it as well.

If you have parents like these, then just play ball with them and only introduce your partner to them when things are very serious.

7 signs it’s time to meet the parents In my case, I met my fiancé’s parents at his brother’s birthday party.

As wonderful as the meeting was, it was probably not the best idea for us to meet at such a huge and lively event.

We were not able to talk very much as there were too many relatives and friends stopping by to say hello.

My advice is to plan something more intimate so that everyone has the chance to properly get to know one another, but of course, that is your prerogative.

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In any case, here are 7 signs that it is probably time to meet the folks. You will know that it’s the right time to meet the parents once you are mutually exclusive.