Dating an elgin pocket watch

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Dating an elgin pocket watch

Oprah says she Googled herself for the first time and was impressed with she’s achieved. Adam and Andy are alumni of what NBC weekend comedy show? Katherine Heigl is joining ‘Suits’ as lawyer Samantha Wheeler. Keanu Reeves says he would love to do a new ‘Bill & Ted’ movie and that it would “be most excellent”. WINFREY SNL GREY’S ANATOMY *DISCOVERY *TED *INDICATES FREE ANSWER GIVEN ON THE CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening today!

Katherine used to play Izzie Stevens on what ABC hospital series? Mark Cuban went diving with sharks for the upcoming special Shark Tank Meets Shark Week. We will be back tomorrow starting at – KOZ and Jen This week’s Everyday Hero is Lydia Mahoney! Greenwood School on the south side and has been doing this work for over 20 years. Greenwood intersection she currently handles is her busiest one yet, and she continues to do it even after having knee replacement surgery! This is what she told us about her mom: “She is out there whatever the weather and is so appreciated by the families in the community and, as a teacher, I know how important she is to a school!

Louis Tomlinson is the newest judge on UK’s X Factor.

Louis got is start on X Factor in 2010 as a member of what band? The Maxed out Saved By the Bell Complete DVD Collection will be released in October. Prior to his death last month, ‘Old Man’ Richard Harrison from ‘Pawn Stars’ cut his son Christopher out of his will. ONE DIRECTION *BAYSIDE ABC *BASEBALL GOLD & SILVER PAWN SHOP * INDICATES FREE ANSWER GIVEN AT ON THE CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening again today!

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A woman accidentally stole a car and drove it around for 2 weeks!

Authorities say it was the largest fire response since the Arlington Park fire of 1985!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about milestones in new relationships.

Did you see that massive apartment fire in Prospect Heights yesterday?

It took more than 200 firefighters from 50 departments and 8 plus hours of work to extinguish the flames.

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Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along: 1. Speed was a factor in the crash but luckily the driver wasn’t physically hurt, but his wallet was! On today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz we had contestant Chuck from Naperville do his best trash talking efforts, but he was unable to topple Jen and Jen won 5-3.