Dating car registration plates

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Dating car registration plates

Car registrations number plate 25 O Broke all UK Number Plates Auction records again achieveing £518,480 at a Number Plates auction recently!

Private sellers have already exchanged personalised number plates for over ONE MILLION!

However, bear in mind some personalised plates don’t follow this system.

If you want to buy a new car with the latest number plate, when you visit the dealer, arrange to wait until March or September for your new car to be registered and delivered to you.

A DVLA personalised number plate is a perfect gift.We sell personalised new car number plates from our own stock, private clients & unissued Department for Transport registrations.All paperwork is processed through the Department for Transport's DVLA Swansea processing network previously as processed via the DVLA Car registrations offices.If you’re looking for a bargain, however, it can work out best to buy sooner.Dealers occasionally get rid of old stock at discounted prices in February and August each year.

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The first two letters represent the ‘local memory tag’, which is where the vehicle was registered. The third and fourth digits are numbers known as the ‘age identifier’.

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