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Dating in baghdad iraq

Ninety percent of Iraq’s production is one variety of date, the Zehdi.

The ministry is expanding the menu to include the Hillawi, Khadrawi, Sayer, Maktoom, Derrie, Ashrasi and Barhee varieties.

But Saddam Hussein’s military campaigns and decades of neglect savaged the industry, cutting the number of trees in half and yearly production to 420,000 tonnes.

Young Iraqis, needed to scale the tall palms to hand-cut and lower bunches of golden fruit to the ground, see no future in it and are leaving the orchards for government jobs with better salaries and fewer hardships, Salim said. The revenues don’t cover the money spent on preparing the palms for production,” said Salim, a date farmer with 6,000 trees.

Even while accelerating over 7 million Internet properties, this deployment helps our effort to be closer to every Internet user.

The Supplier/Contractor Profile Form needs to be filled out and sent to [email protected] more, see How to Apply.IOM does not offer alternatives to established immigration procedures.Fraudulent entities sometimes use IOM's name to advertise false offers for immigration.براءة ذمة تعمل المنظمة الدولية للهجرة مع الحكومات لتسهيل الهجرة القانونية والآمنة.Cloudflare's newest data center is located in Baghdad, Iraq, in the region often known as the cradle of civilization.This expands our growing Middle East presence, while serving as our 45th data center in Asia, and 128th data center globally.

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But the ministry has an ambitious $80 million plan to rebuild the date palm inventory up to 40 million trees in 10 years and to introduce more marketable varieties.