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Dating in world of warcraft

So when people fall in love, have families, spend their lives together, and never separate, is that just 'putting up with them'?Is that person not 'the one' for the other person if they love them enough to stay with them their whole lifetime?In fact, wow is a fine place to meet other halves, because you HAVE something in common. Pick up a copy of bizzare or something like, get reading, there's probably events listed which have a much higher density of people like you and those interested in you than you would find in most other places.

I feel I must inform you that leaving the house to meet people or even live breathing girls ^^ is not a requirement. Could also prod around in Faces of Wo W and find a good lookin bird find her in game name and go talk. I know more than one couple who've met on line and made it work better than "real" couples and been more interesting people.

I mean how often do you finally admit to a lady (or lad) that you play and they criticize or leave you? im pretty sure someone did a poll of 5000 players recently with it being 52% male and 48% female... I also know from personal experience hot girls play wow i had a few in my old pve guild believe it or not one even got married to a non wow player...

I would think with a community of 12 million blizz would have a way to help fellow Wo W members find love.

Now I know what you're probably thinking, "lolnope", but I want you to really consider it. Because throughout the many relationships I've had, in every one of them I've had to avoid gaming in order to appear.. I don't mean like "ur plac or min lolol", but more so, "your server or mine?

So I come to this forum and ask why there is no hook up forum?

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