Dating my housemate

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Dating my housemate

Recovering from a bad hangover, we inevitably end up in a each other's arms on the couch one evening.It feels amazing, but we have to set clear boundaries right away. Anyway, I know we don’t talk much, but I wanted to say that I approve of your dating Regina, and that you should totally move in with us. if you don’t want to put a label on things; you can simply give me your third of the rent. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to share this spacious two-bedroom apartment that’s only a short walk to the subway station with a loving couple. if you haven’t actually told Regina that you love her. I really thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Just kidding, man—it’s the toaster oven telling me that my strudel is ready. I’ve noticed that things seem to be going well between you guys.But I don’t want to see you guys end up the way Meredith and I did.Heck, if you wanted to pay fifty dollars for every night that you stay here, which is a steal compared to what I’m asking on Airbnb, that’d be all right with me, too.The chances are that despite your best efforts, your flatmates probably know you so well that they guessed the two of you would get into relationship before you even realized it yourself.So just don’t be surprised if they’re underwhelmed when you announce your new relationship to the wider world, they actually knew all along after all.

I mean, we were paying less than a grand each for this place. If you find a better deal in this part of town, that means our landlord started renting out the washer and dryer units in the basement. But the last thing I want to do is force you two into doing something you’re not ready for yet.

Even though you’ve only been seeing each other for a month or so, I would be proud to call you my fellow-leaseholder. I don’t know if I’m beaming or if it’s the abundance of natural light that’s illuminating this prewar gem. What better way to say it than with the first and last month’s rent? I even had the house that I wanted us to raise our kids in picked out. Back yard, picket fence, a spare room with a separate entrance that we could rent out. Meredith and I used to go up there and look for animals in the clouds.

I bought my girl a ring to show her I loved her, and look where that got me. Didn’t mean to throw myself a pity party—small gatherings are cool, by the way. It had it all, but I guess some things aren’t meant to be. It gets so quiet here at night, I occasionally forget how vibrant the surrounding area is. And I’m not just saying that because I’m down to my very last American Express gift card. Now I only go up there to cool down my strudel faster.

Maybe you’re scared that people will (rightly) rip you for shacking up with their neighbour.

Maybe you’re scared that once the housemates know, the pressure to make it work will kill your relationship stone dead.

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