Dating needy women

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Carefully read my list again if you’re still not sure why.

Confident girls are great for a challenging score but not much more.

The most important quality that shapes your experience with a girl will be her self-esteem level. Confident girl: More like a guy in how she approaches the game with her intense use of logic. Needy girl: Busts out with the first “I love you” without thinking it through. Confident girl: Wants you to go out of her way to please her. A desperate girl is more like a stalker, a girl who calls you several times in a row when you don’t answer or who says things like, “What, you don’t like me anymore?

I want to focus on the two extremes, of girls who are very needy or very confident. Needy girl: Emotional, “weak.” Confident girl: Aloof, hard to read, though she may slip while intoxicated. Confident girl: Pings you via email, sometimes text. Needy girl: In a constant state of apprehension about how you feel or think about her. Confident girl: Does a cost-benefit analysis before saying it. ” Or you go on one date with her and she wants to bring you home to meet the parents, already plotting out the future.

Your guy may love doing that at the start of the relationship, but as the relationship’s novelty starts to wear off and the love settles into a mature and happy zone, he may want to cut down on the duration of the call. It just means he’s ready to get back to his normal life when he had other things to do at night.When you enter a new relationship, it’s not easy to know how clingy you have to be.So follow the new relationship rules and you’ll be all great.Turn the tables around and he’ll trail you like a lost puppy.[Read: How to keep a guy interested in you in 30 sexy ways] #8 You think your relationship needs to be improved Guess what? If you aren’t happy in a relationship, walk out of it.

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Go out there with your own friends and meet hot looking guys and have a flirty conversation with them when your boyfriend isn’t around.

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