Dating someone much older than you

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Dating someone much older than you

Someone who will text you but fail to respond when you text back. It stands for “involuntarily celibate” and is usually used as a term of identity by people who feel entitled to sex but can’t get any.

Someone who will never make plans to see you but expect you to drop everything and come over when they happen to have an afternoon free. These people suck and, more often than not, are actually dangerous.

A great example is when Drake tried to kiss Rihanna on stage at the 2016 VMAs award and she literally curved to give him the cheek.

While curving is somewhat nicer than a lot of other items on this list, it’s still often used as a way of keeping an option open even if you’re not really that interested. This is when one person has all of the power in an exchange. You’ll see this one come up on Reddit threads a lot.

And for more on this insidious trend, learn the 20 Signs You’re About to Get Ghosted. The coward’s way of what is already a coward’s way out. For the breadcrumber, it’s an easy way to keep the door open in case they decide they want to pursue something down the line, or to make you so desperate you agree to a booty call.

In “kittenfishing,” however, someone isn’t exorbitantly lying in their online dating profile, they’re just stretching the truth.But you notice that they don’t feature you in any of their social media, or detag themselves from posts you put up.This is the modern version of getting weird when you ask to meet your partner’s parents.You’re left anxiously waiting to hear from them, getting a jolt of hope anytime the phone buzzes, only to realize it’s a text from Seamless to tell you your eating-your-feelings order is being prepared.You don’t get any closure and you never really know what went wrong.

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