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Dating someone who suffers from anxiety

Your partner will obsess about things—he will need to analyze a social interaction he had for a long time, working out the kinks of it in his mind, and what he could have done differently. Your partner will also—what seems like spontaneously—launch into big picture talks.

Those prone to panic attacks often have anxiety about mixing new friend groups.

But what we may not realize is that when one or both partners are struggling with anxiety, focusing on mental health can be an integral part of making a relationship “work.”When anxiety is a factor in a relationship, what do couples do to weather this specific storm? It took me a time to realize hiding my anxiety just caused more problems and lack of understanding.

We wanted to know what the “key” is to making a relationship work when anxiety is in the mix, so we asked members of our mental health community who live with anxiety to share some insight. It was a hard thing to overcome, but it got rid of some of the anxiety about anxiety as [silly] as that sounds. Being able to let them know you are there for them, asking them how they are through out the day.

Not everyone who is prone to panic attacks could be described as nervous people.

In fact, a lot of individuals have panic attacks specifically because they do such a good job of ignoring and suppressing fears as they come up throughout their lives, but they need to come out eventually.

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So when I’m by myself, I can have a little courage to do things.” — Ray W.3.