Dating violence dvd

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Dating violence dvd

) Our teen dating violence infographic aligns with Jennifer Ann's Group's strategy for stopping teen dating violence.

Due to its size we are sharing the infographic with you broken down by section into mini-infographics so that you can print just those sections that you need.

You can then download the file for sharing or printing.

If you want to download and print the full infographic click on the image below.

If you want to keep completely spoiler-free, just know that writer-director Jordan Peele has crafted one of the greatest horror movies of the 2010s, one that surpassed all box office expectations and impressed nearly every critic on Earth.

You should also know that deals with a kind of prejudice that's far subtler, that hides behind woke sentiments and white smiles.

Jennifer Ann's Group is pleased to offer these free resources for schools, parents, churches, and other non-profit organizations to use in their efforts to stop teen dating violence.

We designed these tools to align with our strategy of preventing dating abuse through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy.

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Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is a black photographer dating a white woman (Allison Williams).

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