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Of her character in , Ehle said that there have been no giant changes in how she played her two months ago, in previews, and how she’s playing her now.But, she said, “With a well-written character, you’re always finding new caverns, sink pits, trap doors.When the show moved later that year to Broadway, she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play.Ehle’s continuing enthusiasm for rich dramas isn’t confined to Stoppard.For a moment, the pseudo-Russianness affects us: neither of us can quite believe that it’s been a decade since Ehle played a Russian on the Beaumont stage in Tom Stoppard’s 's seven-month hiatus? “It will give the production a further gestation period.” She added, “With a really good text, your brain doesn’t stop working when the run is over.I’m still working on .” She added that there was a similar half-year break between that Stoppard play’s engagement at London’s Donmar Warehouse, in 1999, and its run in London’s West End, in 2000.Michelle Fairley replaced her in the role of Catelyn Stark, and Ehle's scenes from the pilot had to be redone.

” Knowing that it’s such a big deal to so many people only got me more excited to solve this mystery!

The truth is – it really be impossible to find the first booyah recipe.

That would be like finding the original pot of chili.

“At some level,” she said, “I’d like to do every part I’ve loved again.” On stage alone, she’s handled a long list of great texts: , in which her mother, Rosemary Harris, played Blanche Du Bois.

Of Ehle’s father, John Ehle, I will say only that he is one of my favorite living American writers, and that if you’ve never read one of his Appalachia-set novels you’d be unlikely, in my book, to be considered impeccably literate.

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The entry on booyah mentioned a Press Gazette article that may explain why we’ve been calling it booyah for all these years. In 1906, a man named Andrew Rentmeester took over as the teacher at the Finger Road School in Green Bay.