Fdating koshkina conia

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Fdating koshkina conia

e the stomach contains food y Vchylu gastrica In this condition free acid is absent hut protein hydrochloric acid is usually present in s nail amounts The total chlonde per centsge is low (under yo) the curve approaching a straight line Tie Ih ee known di eases m v hich subacidity occurs are cancer of the stomach gastnli and pcrnici usan-emu Cancer undoubtedly dimmi hes secretion and in inanv cases excessive neutraliz Ion occurs in ad 1 tion The curves do not show whether this IS due to regurgitat on or discharge from the gro th Gastniis both the acute and the chronic causes a decrease m the amount of gistri juicc secreted It appears to the author that the relationship of hyper secretion togastiitis ist ofold tbehvd ochloneacid being the cau e of the gastritis and both the hyper secretion and the ga tritis being due to a common imtant In pernicious atuemta functional hvposccret on appears to be the secondary result of bodily and nervous debihty Following g stro enterostomy the secretion of the gaslnc ju ce remains unch n ed Castro-en terostomy relieves by facilitating the emptying of the stomach and alio ving free regurgitation of in testinal contents There is as yet no general consensu of opinion as to what constit tes hvperacidity but it may be sad that as a rule amou ts above yo cem indicate hypersccrcl on F cess ve secretion mavnot be contmuous hence the importance of leavin the t be » I «l» for the coll ct on of the ju ce after the stomach has become empty With reg rd to tbe type of the curve during digcs ton the author finds the only feature suggestive of hypersecretion is a r p d rise in the t t I chlorides when the stomach is full The hydrochloric acid curve IS not rel able as it is det rmincd by the tone of the pylorus Ilypeisecrct on in response to stimuh transmitted from the central nenous syst m shows secretion 23 SURGER\ OF THE ABDOMEN to be continuous and the fasting juice excessive m amount This tj-pc is apt to occur m spasmodic Gastric and duodenal ulcers cause both local and pvloncspasm wiihresultingdeficienc) of neulraliaa tion and hyperacidity of the stomach contents as id pvlonc obstruction and the proximal sac of an hour glass stomach \iluxu E MD Kantor i L Antacid Gastric Therapy with Especial llefercnce to the Use of Neutral Ant adds } .alies is common kno-aledge Kanior reminds us that the mcchani m \ hercly pnn 1 dissipate I in such instances is not so simple as nt ha\c been led to believe The old tcachin* was that excess ol acid in the stomach excites ntiia tion causing spasm of the gastric muscuhtun.

«ith associ lied pvlorospasm and cardiospasm incteased tension in the stomach or ao\ other hollow m cus is painful The alkali overcomes the pam b\ reducing the hvperaciditj and thereby les ening the spasm ^Iag^eslu^t oxide acts as a local antaod 3 sis temic alkali andalaxative W ith regard to the c( fccts of ion» continued alkal sation therapy llardt and Kivcrs found that certain patients d iclo^d a toxemia with changes m the kidnevs and olood chemistry folio v mg the prolonged administration of alkali in the treatment of gastric ulcer In a scries 0!

irths an 1 eae Infections Criminal nliortion has also been Krrat U lecrcase I an 1 onl.iiions The practical traininj: shoul I con til m atten lance at 100 cases of conf ne ment The tm 1 ife shout I nea r lie pcrmittc I to take chif RC of pnmipir us w men an I shou!

I be re quire I to present all cases for a prenatal examina tun in order that a proper lllaenl^is of pripnanca an I lalior ntas be male 1) a metical consultant \afpnal an 1 rectal eaamiiiations shoutl be pro hil ited Ml cats in s hich labor continues for twenta f ur hours without Ictiscr} shoul I lcctor shoul I follow deliv encs con loctc 1 bj milwivcs I uw itn I C » m M !

I ' □b i ' International Abstract of Surgery SUPPLEMENTAR\ TO Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics EDIIORS Franklin H Martin W D Chicago p ROf Paul Lect NE Paris France Sir Berkfliy Moyniman KCMG CB Leeds England Su MRER L Koch P Abstract Editor Volume WXVin Jan\iar\ to /une fg 4 pubushed by THE SURGICAL PUBLISHING COMP\Ni OF CHICAGO Fs l5^ iutt I R£D» bic \ Wk Si-rv \b THUBUEWBr VAV Joun TBime itwt BBrv TR VViut A«n BBt VSU^PE PAVm Ctt Ek EX UK Cbisleit Ko Btx T C Co T G xco Rv ^o^^El.^.a 0 cases Kantor used the neutral secondary and tertiary phosphates of calcium an I magnesia These appeared to reduce the fr c aci litv without altering the total (.astne aciditv and lid not cause sistemic alkalization Hie routine treatment has Ken the admini ira tion of pure calcium or magni mm phosphate lo io es of one third to two teasjxwnful after meals These arc tasteless and arc not excreted in the urine They sontrol gastr c sv mptoms as well as the alkalies and their prolon cd administration cannot affect the general mclabolism or cause injury to the kidnns JOILN W Nl IIM M D Ch brol y arui 111 m J Itssure tls Riorrhatte^ Due t ( lirunic A rl Uls— Hzinaiemesl and Mela-na Simulating a Gastroduodenal Ulcer for flgltcen Montis ( r I he r ^ es, f ur tea de I I I ch au — i fi n nt mu1 I ut as t o-d ocl | pr d id him I n II I trfm 5i n M i klf d I 0 i i \ 6 In th case report 1 the himateme' an !mt Irnah Hiern present for eighteen months nd I ad led to n \ ra\ xaminati n of the stomach fw ui cr Thi xaminati n howed tliegastr intestinal Ir ct 10 Ifc normal but rc calcd a large ancun m of the arch of ih aorta The patient succumbeil from sudlen rupture of the aneurism \utopsv rc'calel a small I ure 5 mm in length i Htween the trachea and ort» anj a small ulcer in the wall of the trachea underlying this &sutt The harmoptysis and the blood m the stools were therefore attributed to the gradual oozing of Mood into the trachea Lov«.t J Thomas CCllo aa 1 reac i K Hansel AR ilo LLE Ti R Thom IOC or On M Ron 1 P Sciism S A Schlster W B Stab M d RW lte CANADA \ H Ja iif INCLAM) C J Jr KI SCOTLAND J S Iraser IRLLAM) TOG i «i SURCLRV or THL NOSE THROAT AND MOUTH AMERICA r L » A J u C B s ELL J Mattieia N 1 j) spiel C les AA Hr man Toils CC o V h KH t ARIIui-dr Tom POC-n Onn M Ron F P V TE S \ SCH AA B St k AI R A\ LT* B 0 f f n !2 » i JANUAn' 19*4 International Abstract of Surgery Supplementary to Surgery* Gynecology and Obstetrics CDITOn S ni ASKUN 11 Nt AKTl N Chicano sm ni UKt LU mo\nuian, K. KOCi« Abstract DJlfor p Lr AUTMCNT r OITORS ni AN D Ccflrril Sirr rr Al Xr il * Ear IIULIt UVVJN Out ^ui X'ry • tc aivl Tl CONTTVTS I Ambon II la Jc T t f Abftrart* of Currmi Utcrafurc III I !

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