Fit prssa speed dating

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Fit prssa speed dating

Some of us have known that we wanted to go here since middle school, others hadn't heard of it until our senior year.

Before attending the #1 fashion school in America, we wondered what it would be like.

Also, you obviously did not go outside in your pj's (duh you go to FIT).

No one ever knows if its an old school bell or the fire alarm. They also go off a significant amount of times depending on what dorm you live in because people are always burning their food.

To think you walked the same halls as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Carolina Herrera, and so many more is incredible.*flips hair*It’s pretty normal for most colleges to have a little basket of free condoms in the health center and at a health fair however, FIT is very enthusiastic about safe sex.In addition to the basket in the health center full of not only free condoms but also lube, FIT gives out condoms at every school event!It’s the only chance you have to wow single straight men from Manhattan with not only your looks, but also your personality. FIT offers multiple degrees ranging from Fashion Business Management to Toy Design.Chances are you've seen most of them on Tinder too. So, you get incredibly annoyed by the copious amounts of people who assume you can create an entire wardrobe for them (like you have the time anyway).

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