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Get creative and design your virtual apartment in an authentic real virtual city or create your own island to host parties, flirt and lead an extraordinary life!

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Club Cooee is a unique, free online community game where you can create an avatar, build an online home, socialize with other members’ avatars in real time and much more. Read More »Our World is a virtual world full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making remarks on other people’s outfits or create new friends.

The latest shardfall has obliterated North Quel Woods, and the Quel Shardfall has appeared in its place.

Unlike other shardfalls that are hundreds of years old, this shardfall is so fresh that the ground is on fire, the air is thick with electricity that periodically discharges (ouch!

I have had 4 years of entertainment, hopefully that will continue for many more o/ The great Cataclysm from the shattering of the two moons happened hundreds of years ago and showered the land with meteors.

The largest shards created huge areas of devastation called shardfalls.

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With Our World it has never been so easy to interact…

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