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Free sey live chat

User like provides my organizations support department with adequate online support whenever we need it and our customer care team has obviously learnt one or two things from them over the last two year period. However this isn't the case,as I must be on sit with my pc whenever I am to use User like.

Pros: Userlike provides myself and the customer care team in my organization with an effective and simplified channel to communicate with clients ,partners and customers.

The other con is the recent reduction to chat window appearance.We can unblock a sale that would be stuck in the purchase tunnel by giving good advices.We can also process more faster and sometimes in real time after sale service request.As the marketing manager of our company, I use many of the features to gauge the effectiveness of chats, wordsmith chat scripts, push pages, set topics, and have a very transparent view of chats. Here is the list of features we use on a daily basis.The biggest initial draw of Userlike, for me, was the ability to white label the chat window, customize the appearance, preset chat scripts, tie it into Google Analytics, and have an offline chat feature. ¿ Offline Chat Message ¿ Pre-set Scripted Chats ¿ Google Analytics Connection - Set Up Goals ¿ Custom Appearance ¿ White Label Chat ¿ No Per Operator Cost ¿ Chat Monitoring Cons: The only cons I have with Userlike are minor but sometimes can be the more annoying parts of the software. Because the service is hosted in Germany, there is never anyone online to answer some of the simplest questions.

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The Userlike support always been ever helpful towards making our experience with this solution as beautiful as possible.