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Girl sex

According to a 2009 article in New York magazine, “Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are no longer speaking, which is making everyone on the set of the new ‘Sex and the City’ movie uncomfortable.” While Parker’s publicist always denied there were any issues between the women, Parker admitted to clashes on set to Marie Claire in 2010, saying, “Sometimes feelings get hurt.” (Representatives for Parker, Davis and King declined to comment, while Nixon and Cattrall’s reps did not get back to me.) Since then, Cattrall has moved on, spending more time in Toronto and London.One thing’s stayed the same: She doesn’t stay in touch with her “SATC” co-stars.

And it has everything to do with jealousy, rivalry and money.

But when he left after the second season and was replaced by Parker’s friend Michael Patrick King, Cattrall was completely isolated. Producers, including Parker, were eager to replicate the financial boon and wanted to make a second movie as soon as possible, but Cattrall held back.

Page Six reported how, during an Atlantic City, NJ, location shoot, “Sarah Jessica rented a house for herself, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. Cattrall reluctantly signed on for the first movie in 2007, but as a friend of hers told the Daily News, “Kim does not want to . Soon, gossip started circulating about her “diva demands.” She eventually signed on, after demanding, and receiving, more money.

I don’t know what her issue is, I never have.” So “Sex and the City” is dead and it’s probably for the best for everyone — Cattrall most of all. She just didn’t want to do it.” This week, some 19 years after the show debuted, Cattrall, now 61, told Morgan, “This is what my 60s are about: They’re about me making decisions for me. And that feels frickin’ fantastic.” Good for you, Kim.

As Cattrall’s friend told me, “When an actress doesn’t do a [sequel], it’s because of two things: respect and compensation.

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She booked an interview with British talk show host Piers Morgan, took her gloves off, and let it rip. “I never asked for any money, I never asked for any projects.