Greek speed dating

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The first athlete ever to win an Olympic race was a young cook from Elis, named Koroibus who received a wreath of wild olive leaves as his prize.

This prize was through the centuries not only an honour for the winner but also for his family and city.

370 metres) and in the next Olympiad a 12 laps race.

In the 16th Olympiad the long distance race 24 laps started.

680 BC, Equestrian sports Equestrian sports was introduced in 680BC.

The stadium was to small for the Four Horse Chariot Race so the horse racing was held at the hippodrome next to the stadium.

Wrestlers would grapple to gain hold of their opponent, and the loser was the first one forced to touch the ground three times.

Boxers fought with their hands bound and protected by leather thongs, but - unlike modern boxing - pieces of metal were added to their knuckles to increase the effectiveness of the punches.

In the no-holds-barred event pankration, all moves were allowed, including gouging eyes and pulling noses.

The games was still in honour of the goods so the first day was for preparatory ceremonies and sacrifices.

The next five days was the competition and the seventh day was the award of prizes and the feasting.

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724 BC 712 BC, More races The straight Stade was changed to an oval racing track and an one-lap sprint was called a Stadium which name today is used for a sports arena all over the world.