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These numbers certainly serve as motivating factors for modern-day matchmakers, driven by the mitzvah of , or Jewish communal work (translated from Hebrew as "loving-kindness").

But it's easy for clients who expect instant gratification to get frustrated. You're not going to say, 'OK, it's not working,' after five minutes. It's something you build as you learn about somebody, and that's very much against the wave of society." Another challenge for matchmaking sites?The main reason she sought out the help of an Internet yenta?Her busy work schedule didn't leave time to find men in the same specific category of Jewish observance, and she's looking to get married "not tomorrow" but sooner rather than later.Matchmakers encourage clients not to rush the process. That's not the way it works, whereas in many parts of your lives things happen immediately or you move on to the next thing. Gender roles and expectations have changed significantly since the days of shtetl yentas.Courting couples do not follow a set path or expected timeline toward that wedding.

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Matchmakers like Eisenman are working in an old tradition, but one with entirely new parameters.

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