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Intimidating avatar

G0-T0 set up the hologram by reusing a number of holovid gangster clichés.Taken together, the illusion was so effective that few, if any, knew of Goto's true existence, although Meetra Surik guessed it.Other projects include the new observatory home (with a usable telescope!), female shopkeeper models, custom gear for companions, and a rebuild of the town of Northwood.

He later became head of the Exchange criminal organization on Nar Shaddaa and traveled with the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik.

G0-T0 presented himself to Surik on the Ebon Hawk, but as Goto's "gift"—not Goto himself.

He requested Surik's aid in stabilizing the planets Telos, Dantooine, and Onderon.

Eventually building a jet-black orb of a body, G0-T0 began to set up as a smuggling ring on the moon Nar Shaddaa.

Since few would believe a droid could run an elaborate smuggling operation, G0-T0 used a hologram emitter to create the identity of "Goto." Instead of being the smuggling operator itself, G0-T0 would simply be Goto's liaison.

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