Is brendon urie dating sarah orzechowski

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Is brendon urie dating sarah orzechowski

In one of her post, Sarah revealed that she would never have kids.She also mentioned Whatever was the post, we hope to hear soon about Sarah Urie’s children with Brendon Urie.In the same way, Sarah was there for her husband when he was rumored to be a gay.Brendon and Sarah do not have any child together till the date.Apparently, living your life in the limelight has its downsides, especially if you are very active on social media.As the wife of a famous singer who also holds his ground as a multi-instrumentalist in a band, Sarah became the centre of attention for his fans who didn’t waste time in trolling her whenever the opportunity comes up.While surfing around Sarah Orzechowski’s Instagram, it looks like the pair has not planned for any child so far.

You might also be familiar with Brendon Urie’s wife, Sarah Orzechowski.She was also an active user on Vine with more than a hundred thousand fans.A self-proclaimed fashion and skin beauty enthusiast, Sarah shares body and hair care tips on social media and some of her followers saw this as an opportunity to throw in a few jabs, causing Urie to come to the rescue.Sarah and Brendon first met during a musical tour and Brendon was a part of the tour.While the couple first met, Sarah was already in a relationship. taken-by=sarahurie However, Sarah along with her friend is one of the greatest fans of Brendon, approached him to have a normal conversation. He was completely over her look and fell in love in the first sight.

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Consequently, she learned her lesson on social media hate the hard way.