Israeli women for dating Reallifecam america

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Israeli women for dating

We will say it every day and thank you for your messages in

Am Israel Chai, we the Jewish we are the light of the world.

Oh mighty FATHER and CREATOR of all, I pray you save, heal, deliver & protect all those who fight for the good and right of this world. Please share this with any and all Israeli soldiers. Printed phamphlets are being circulated in our local churches for special prayer. My prayers are with the precious soldiers and their safety.

Local christian TV channel is continuously telecasting the special prayer request for Israel. If I could, I would have been a volunteer somewhere where I would be needed,to show my support as well.

We are appalled at Kerry, Obama, and the long succession in our govt. I pray for Israel's leaders that they will be guided by G-d in their decision-making.

Israel must defeat Hamas down to the last individual. May He send hornets and ambushments against Israel's enemies.

May He cause them confusion and may they turn on each other. May we confess our sin to Him and repent and turn back to Him with our whole heart.

May the victory be His and may we rejoice in Him and the safe return of our sons to their bases and homes and families. I pray for your soldiers and your country and people everyday!

As I toured Israel last October I was shoulder to shoulder with many soldiers!

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