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Same goes for Jensen Ackles, the central "fun" character, who has quite a few superb moments that show both his comedic ability and enchanting subtlety.

Alice Krige was a wonderful casting choice, and her presence (complimented by the music) transforms the scenes in funny and touching ways.

Piper's boss is a really nice guy named Trucker, who's in love with a woman who owns the store across the street.

The audience goes through the sandwich shop crew's personal struggles as they help ...

This is fun, and literally we had all our kids in the trailer, and I was just running back and forth, and [Jensen] was the babysitter. How different is Sister Jo from previous faith healers the show has introduced?Is this marking a turning point for you, where you want to come back to acting?You know, I would love to, but we have twin one-year-olds and a four-year-old and we just had another baby, which is our brewery we just opened about 30 days ago.Ahead of her first “Supernatural” episode, Ackles talks with about why Season 13 was the perfect time for her to appear on the show, how her faith healer differs from what we’ve seen in earlier seasons, and what the dynamic is like between Sister Jo and the Winchesters.What was it about this time in the show’s history and your own life that made it the right moment to come on “Supernatural”?

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All of those female characters are so strong, and “Supernatural” is great about writing strong, female characters, and I feel like the majority of them hold their own.

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