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Morality has as much to do with 'armies' as does it has to do with nuclear fission.Nuclear fission is a scientific fact; the fact that it is required to make atomic bombs is neither moral or amoral. One nation's army can certainly be more just than another nation's.I am believer but not Jewish and won't get into debate on this issue.I pray for the people of Israel daily and pray for their nation.Call your self an Israeli, A Jew, Deep down we all are Hebrews.and Our number One Desire should be for the Promise Land, that God has giving to Us, And that HE is Calling All HIS CHILDREN Back Home, And it does not matter what Affiliation of Judaism One Belongs to? However, there was no need to take a shot at Yiddish and Ladino.If Israel falls, America will fall; and if the both of them fall, so will Civilization. We can not permit it to happen, especially since some of my offspring is the same age, as the young Israeli. I do not speak Hebrew but read the English words below.I am also in agreement that Israel is the center of this world and is the Holy place of God.

When I was born, free trips to Israel were unknown, now in my 70s I struggle to just keep my head above water, but that is okay as long as I know that Am Yisrael Chai! It means although I am as secular as they come, my heart is still in Israel and I know one day I shall return.

Althought some differences are there, we both believe in the G-d of Abraham in our background.

I am new in my belief (3 years) but do have strong feelings on what G-d has done for me and to me in my education He gives me.

The insinuation of Jew- hatred under cover of thus purposed false narratives of fairness, justice Western oriented values is by now a well practiced phenomenon.

In this case the interjections of propaganda twinned with islamic terrorist attacks in which the double standard to obfuscate globalization ambitions is set into play.

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Apply the same standard to Arabic, which is everywhere in Israel if you want everyone to speak Hebrew. Is this geared towards an audiance of male high school children? Kaikon needs to shout out how the rich arab oil states withhold money and finical help/assistance from their palestinian brethren deliberately so that they remain poor, angry and agitate against Israel!! beautiful video but now he must go further and say what no Israeli dares to say about the RICH OIL STATES NOT SHARING THE OIL WEALTH THE REAL REASON THE "CRISIS" IN THE M. after all, Israel has always been and will always remain the centerpiece of world civilization, being the focal point of God's redemptive plan for Jews and Gentiles alike all over the world!

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