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The first page of a resume should always present well.This can be tricky because you need to capture as much noteworthy information as possible, whilst keeping the layout neat and easy to read.In terms of layout, there should be consistent use of headers, paragraphs, bullet points and white space to clearly delineate between sections of the document and key points highlighted.Along with use of appropriate font and size, the document should not only be easy to read, but should be easy for a reviewer to identify key information.

It is not unusual for applicants to spend a considerable amount of time drafting and redrafting their resume.

There is no benefit in burying important information in the latter part of a resume, as it may never be looked at.

While adhering to this rule is simple enough for a one page resume, it requires more thought for highly experienced and senior roles.

And given the potential benefit a good resume can deliver – namely obtaining that desired job – the effort agonising over the right words, phrases and content is time well spent.

Given the amount of time and effort the author can spend writing a resume, many job applicants still entertain the notion that employers or recruiters will reciprocate, by spending a fair amount of time pouring over the details of their resume.

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Before a reviewer even begins to read through the details of your resume, they will be making both conscious and unconscious assessments of the layout of the document.